Region 4 Hybridizer Award

Attention all Region 4 Pollen Dabbers!

Nominate one of your introductions for the Region 4 Hybridizer Award!

The nominating process for this award is controlled by you, the hybridizer, much like the AHS Honorable Mention award. Every eligible hybridizer in Region 4 may submit the name of one of his/her registrations. In addition, the hybridizer should e-mail a photo of their submitted registration to the Chair of the Awards Committee. The ballot, along with photographs, will be published in the spring issue of Daylilies in the Great Northeast and on the Region 4 website. This will make our members aware of what they should be looking for as they visit gardens during the upcoming bloom season. If you would like to re-nominate your introduction for another year, please e-mail the Awards Chair, Mel Campbell, as she has your photos and information.

Official guidelines: 
Each hybridizer residing in Region 4 may nominate one of his/her cultivars in a given year.
Eligible cultivars must have been hybridized in Region 4, be named and registered with the AHS and have been introduced by a Region 4 hybridizer still residing or deceased while residing in Region 4.

Nomination of a cultivar on behalf of a deceased Region 4 hybridizer may be made by the Awards Committee.

The eligible cultivar must have been registered in the last ten years, including the year in which nominated. A cultivar may be re-nominated for up to three consecutive years. If a cultivar does not win within that period of time, it becomes ineligible in future years.

Each hybridizer's nomination must be addressed to the Chair of the Region 4 Awards committee and be postmarked by January 15th of the calendar year in which the daylily will be judged.
Luanne Madden, Chair Region 4 Awards
19 Bryce Avenue
Glen Cove, NY 11542-2013 USA

A cultivar may win only once. 
The award will go to the hybridizer who shall then be ineligible to win again in the next three calendar years.
Only Region 4 AHS members are eligible to vote and they may vote once for a single cultivar on the ballot.
As with the AHS Honorable Mention Awards, AHS members may 'write in' a vote for a cultivar provided it meets all the other eligibility criteria.
Ballots shall be published in the spring issue of Daylilies in the Great Northeast prior to the summer in which the judging will take place. An electronic ballot will also be posted on the Region 4 website.
Completed ballots must be postmarked or e-mailed by September 1st. All ballots will be mailed/e-mailed to the RPD.
Announcement of the winning cultivar will be made on the Region 4 website. A photograph of both the cultivar and its hybridizer will appear in the next issue of Daylilies in the Great Northeast.
The award shall be presented at the following Regional summer meeting and shall consist of an engraved plate or plaque containing the name of the cultivar, its registration date and the name of its hybridizer.


2017  Rich Howard - H. 'Explosion in the Paint Factory'
2013  Pam Hoffman- H. 'Mystic Avalon'
2012  Lori Jones- H. 'Big Honking Flaming Floozy'
2010  Ellen Laprise- H. 'Isabelle Rose'
2009  Bryan Culver- H. 'Spirit Zone'

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