Region 4 Popularity Poll Results

As a service to its members and to the general public, each year the American Hemero-callis Society (AHS) conducts a popularity poll among its members to determine the favourite daylilies from each region. It is the hope of the AHS that this Popularity Poll presents a true picture of which daylilies perform well in a given area and which are best liked by the membership. Popularity polls are important to daylily growers -- both AHS members and nonmembers -- who make daylily selections for purchase.

Each member has 10 votes, and up to 5 of these may be write-ins. Garden Judges in particular are encouraged to use those write-ins to keep the ballot fresh with newer cultivars that have been observed to perform well in their region.

Archived Results

2011 Results
The daylilies with four or more votes in R4 Popularity Poll for 2011 as compiled by Region 4's Publicity Director Maureen Strong. Daylilies are shown with the number of votes. Those in bold letters were write-in votes.
Primal Scream42
Webster's Pink Wonder34
Ruby Spider31
Swallow Tail Kite25
Beautiful Edgings23
Red Volunteer23
Fooled Me22
Joan Derifield22
Spirit Zone21
Peggy Jeffcoat20
King George19
Barbara White18
Orchid Corsage18
Rose F. Kennedy18
Vatican City18
Heavenly Angel Ice17
King's Golden Treasure17
Shores of Time17
Bela Lugosi16
Blueberry Breakfast16
South Seas16
Tuscawilla Tigress16
North Wind Dancer15
Astral Voyager14
Jade Princess14
Moonlit Masquerade14
Sandra Elizabeth14
Strutter's Ball14
Adorable Tiger13
All American Chief13
Lavender Blue Baby13
Bali Watercolor12
Greywoods River Dancer12
Old King Cole12
Persian Ruby12
Stella's Ruffled Fingers12
Always Afternoon11
Destined to See11
Creature of the Night10
Dangling Participle10
Laura Harwood10
Margo Reed Indeed10
Mary's Gold10
Potala Tapestry10
Victoria Park10
Big George9
Bill Norris9
Dragon So9
J.T. Davis9
Lord Trickster9
Orange Velvet9
Piano Man9
Bermuda Coral8
Bordello Queen8
Dublin Elaine8
Entwined in the Vine8
Flaming Wildfire8
Jeanne Fitton8
Jody Ann8
Lilting Lavender8
Nancy Britz8
Pumpkin Moonshine8
Sandra's Smile8
Scrambled Legs8
Spirit Fox8
Strawberry Candy8
Wings of Chance8
Barbara Mitchell7
Bombay Silk7
Elegant Candy7
Island Cardinal7
Janice Brown7
Jerry Hyatt7
Jocelyn's Oddity7
Mystical Rainbow7
Rock Solid7
Rocket City7
Truly Angelic7
Victorian Lace7
Belle Cook6
Buttered Popcorn6
Dragons Eye6
Flying Trapeze6
Island Glamorous Guest6
Peacock Maiden6
Pure and Simple6
Red Suspenders6
Rose Electra6
Suzy Cream Cheese6
Thin Man6
Always a Pleasure5
Ed Brown5
El Desperado5
Francis of Assisi5
Peach Magnolia5
Point of View5
Smuggler's Gold5
Sugar Plum Jam5
Web of Intrigue5
Ariana Crystal4
Gussie Harris4
Jane Trimmer4
Joshua Slocum4
Last Snowflake4
Lee Reinke4
Long Stocking4
Mango Chutney4
Planet Max4
Summer Farewell4

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