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2023 R4 Hybridizer Award

Nominate one of your introductions for the 2023 R4 Hybridizer Award!

Get all details and rules here

Deadline for submission February 15

Winner 2022 R4 Hybridizer Award

John Burgener, ON for 'Rebecca's Rhapsody'


    photo by John Burgener

John and Rebecca Burgener    photo from ODS website


Region 4 Newsletter
Daylilies in the Great Northeast
Editor Marlene Harmon

Fall 2022

Congratulations to Region 4 winners of 2022 AHS Awards

2022 AHS Cultivar Awards


Ellen Laprise

Dudley, Mass

both photos by Chris Petersen


Bob Schwarz

East Hampton, NY

photo by Chris Petersen

2022 award winning article from
Region 4 Newsletter
'Daylilies in the Great Northeast'

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2022 Florida Sunshine Cup

The best small or miniature flowered clump observed by attendees of the National Convention tour gardens.

Rick Simpson, for 'Faulkner's Pinky Swear with Rick' (Simpson-R., 2022)

photo by Melodye Campbell

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2022 National Award for
Regional Service to Region 4

for outstanding service to AHS at the regional level

Chris Petersen, New York

photo by Chris Petersen


Click links to see all entries in each category, including photographer name and cultivar names
     Category 1 entries. Single or Multiple Blooms - may include clump shot.
     Category 2 entries. Artistic Close-up - Be creative! Capture all or part of a daylily bloom in a photo.
     Category 3 entries. Landscape - Any garden from any region, but daylilies must be featured in the photo.

Congratulations to winners

Category 1: Single/Multiple Bloom
1st. Marlene Harmon, CT: photo of 'Greywoods Lofty Lizzy'(Wilkinson, 2000)

2nd. Greg Hagget: photo of 'Tina's Siren Song' (Hanson-C., 2012)

3rd. Chris Petersen: photo of 'Dale's Oh My' (Zettek, 2012)

Category 2: Artistic Close-Up
1st.Greg Haggett: photo of 'Sheza Heartbreaker'(Harry, 2008)

2nd. Pat Sayers: photo of 'Whispering
White Tutu'(Sayers, 2014)

3rd. Marlene Harmon: 'Drops Of Jupiter'
with honey bee (Polston, 2005)

Category 3: Landscape
!st. Marlene Harmon for photo at Blue Ridge Daylilies, Asheville, NC

2nd tie. Carol Ann Haj for
photo at Lasting Dreams

2nd tie. Elisabeth Murphy for
Sunshine in the Garden

3rd.Susan Murphy for photo of
her garden

Region 4 Popularity Poll for 2022

Winner 2022 - 'Neon Flamingo' (Gossard, 2006)

Photo from Heavenly Gardens website

Since 2018: Daylilies that have previously won the Region 4 Popularity Poll are now in the R4 Hall of Fame. They do not appear on the ballot.

R4 Hall of Fame
'Strawberry Candy', 'Primal Scream', 'Sun Panda', 'Fooled Me', 'Ruby Spider',
'Custard Candy', 'Webster′s Pink Wonder', 'Rose F. Kennedy'
'Explosion in the Paint Factory','Heavenly United We Stand', 'All American Chief', 'White Eyes Pink Dragon', 'Neon Flamingo'

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