2023 AHS R4 Photo Contest

Note from Marlene Harmon: Voting has been temporarily suspended because we realized we missed some photos in the presentations. An email will be sent to Region 4 members when the problem has been fixed. The presentations will be updated and reviewed by all to make sure no more photos were missed before voting will be turned on. Since all categories will be affected, we will start over with voting and a new deadline will be set. My apologies for the confusion. I will take steps next year to prevent this from happening again.

Winning photos will be published in the Fall 2023 issue of the Region 4 Newsletter.

2023 R4 Hybridizer Award

View photos and stats of the cultivars nominated for the
2023 Region 4 Hybridizer Award here

Voting is now taking place. Link to online ballot was sent to all R4 members.
If you have lost track of it, send request

Result will be announced soon

2023 AHS Awards

Award winning article in Region 4 Newsletter
'Daylilies in the Great Northeast' Fall 2022
Best Article about Youth
"Daylily Scavenger Hunt- Or Tips on Hosting Home School Children at your Daylily Garden"

Russ Allen

Russ receives certificate from AHS President Scott Elliott

photo by Marlene Harmon

2023 AHS Award for
Service to Region 4

for outstanding service to AHS at the regional level

Kelly Noel



selfie photo

2023 Mabel Matthews Scholarship

Cameron Stern

New Hampshire

Winner 2022 Service Award
at Club Level
(Outstanding service to the club)

Jane Ryan, FieLDS

    image from FB


Region 4 Newsletter
Daylilies in the Great Northeast
Editor Marlene Harmon

Spring 2023

Congratulations to Region 4 winners of 2022 AHS Awards

2022 AHS Cultivar Awards


Ellen Laprise

Dudley, Mass

both photos by Chris Petersen


Bob Schwarz

East Hampton, NY

photo by Chris Petersen

2022 Florida Sunshine Cup

The best small or miniature flowered clump observed by attendees of the National Convention tour gardens.

Rick Simpson, for 'Faulkner's Pinky Swear with Rick' (Simpson-R., 2022)

photo by Melodye Campbell

Awarded at 2022 Region 4 meeting hosted by FieLDS at Webster Arboretum

Elizabeth Nesmith Clump Award

'Cobbs Hill Jester' (Zettek, 2012)

Stanley Saxton Seedling Award

hydridized by Anna Carlson, New York

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